Hello guys, so Im back with another article and in this article Im going to give you some tips on how to stay positive.

Personally I have some personality disorders and sometimes my mood changes 100 times a day and that's bad for me and for the people around me, so I try hard to stay in the same mood and positive.

Disclimer 1: This are things that work for me and I hope they work for the most of you too, but people are all different
Disclaimer 2: This can be helpfull to EVERYONE and not only for people who mood or personality disorders.

- Write your morning thoughts

book, coffee, and black and white image coffee, book, and white image
Writing your morning thoughts can be usefull to free your mind of the bad things and to start your day in the best way possible

- Do things that make you happy

There are a bunch of activities that you can do during the day, focus on doing things that will make you happy, like reading a book or going out with your friends.
Enjoy the little things in life

- Listen to some good music

jack gilinsky, jack johnson, and jack and jack image beyoncé image Image by Heather Ann celebrities, famous, and rapper image
Jack and Jack; Beyoncé; Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

Those are some of the artists that truly hype me up. Listening to some good music is great to change your mood.

Note: If you listen to some sassy or with postive vibes songs it will make your mood so much better

- Have faifh

One of the things that truly changed my mood and get me in a more positive vibe is listening to some sermons. I believe in God but you can believe in whatever you want and then you just need to find videos or texts about it and you will see that after seeing/reading them you will feel so much better.

For those of you that may be interested in listening to some sermons I will let the link for the church that I follow the most youtube chanel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZRjT2mSmOVE5ROt51ifIyg ( You can be from different religions and still watching and listening to those sermons if you want too )

- Read positive texts or quotes

Image by thousandmilesaway quotes image motivation image boho, bonus, and college image
Reading to these always get me motivated

I found that reading positive things brings positivity to my life. It just makes me want to go after my goals and to work hard for them.

If you want you can follow my collections with quotes and memes ( if you want a good laugh) and if you want some life motivation

- Mood tracker

Image by lilu bj, bujo, and mood tracker image

If you have a bullet journal you can save a page to a mood tracker, if you want to know more about these send me a postcard and I will write a article about it

But the mood tracker is great for you to have an overview of the your mood and it helps you think about how you felt that day. And by the end of the month it will satisfy you to see it all green ( or any other color you choosed for the happy feeling )

- Write your night thoughts

As much as it good to write your morning thoughts is even better write night thoughts, it will help you to clear your mind and have a good night so you can woke up to a even better morning.

And thats all, I will see you soon. Love you