More specifically Cape Town.

I'm sure you have heard about Cape Town or South Africa or just Africa in general. If you aren't from here then some of you probably think mud huts, wild animals, failing government, Table Mountain or a rocky past.

But what I am about to tell you may come as a shock to some of you... THERE IS SO MUCH TO AFRICA THEN JUST THAT !

Cape Town serves as a hub for diversity, cultural wealth, a home to one of the seven wonders of the world, crystal blue beaches, rolling mountains, fiery sunsets, unique wildlife and bustling markets, malls, street vendors and shops of all kinds.

Craving crystal blue water, clean sand and sizzling sun? Any one of our beaches will satisfy your thirst. Camps Bay beach is a favorite of many tourists as it is just across the road from dazzling restaurants & cafes.
Clifton 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th beach will be an unreal experience of safe swimming in beautiful blue waters as well as a great place to get to know the friendly local beach goers and of course get recommendations for the best clubs, restaurants and hotels from the upper class residents of Clifton.
For surfer-spattered waves and a good tan I would recommend Llandudno Beach or Kommetjie beach, but be warned Llandudno's water is shockingly cold and Kommetjie's chilly breeze can sometimes dampen your appetite for a swim.

On Longstreet you can party from 10pm to 4am on a street dedicated just to clubs, bars & fast food places where you can pig out at after your night of partying (Longstreet McDonald's is the standard local stop after a good night out in Town).

At the V&A Waterfront you can shop all the latest fashions, pop into high end brand shops and of course buy locally made products filled with pride and love. You can also treat yourself to a meal after retail therapy (Primi Piatti is a crowd favorite and for good reason).

For a true experience of South African beauty and nature, climb Lions Head, take a cable car up Table Mountain, take a tour of Bokaap or a township tour. Make friends with the locals, we are easygoing and will probably tell you all the best secret spots for almost everything and anything that I won't mention on here because we have to keep some local spots secret.

But what I can tell you for sure is that a trip to Cape Town, South Africa should definitely be on your bucket list if you like warm weather, friendly locals, music filled streets and an overall aesthetically pleasing view.

See you soon, hopefully!