As we look upon today's day and age we can take notice that the fashion of the '90s is and has been back. In the same way when it was the '90s it appears '70s fashion was back (chunky heels and minimalist fashion). Excitingly there were several avenues for the fashion sense that included grunge, athletic, hip hop, preppy and vintage kind of apparel. What is likely to happen in the '2020s is for '2000s fashion to return, however before we get there let us enjoy the time we have left to appreciate the fashion sense of an exciting decade.

Here is fashion related material of the decade for both men and women, trimmed to fit today's standards:

"Look Book"

The color scheme of the early '90s usually involved darker hues such as dark green, brown, navy, white, gray, black, burgundy etc. (hence the Seattle grunge movement among the youth). By the late '90s it began to branch out to what appeared to be a pink pastel explosion of soft colors. Of course other genres of music played key into what was in style such as rap, hip hop and R&B.

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Beginning with jeans, for men it was all about BAGGY and usually uncuffed unless they were slimmer jeans. Today of course baggy is not back in style, but Levi 505's, Straight leg Dickies are in use today. What i like about these jeans are that for other men like myself if you are cursed with wider than usual hips, it is far more flattering to wear jeans like these. Plus they are high-rise meaning they reach higher on the waist line that gives off a more masculine look. Thick traditional black belts, and some tears/rips scattered around are a plus. More than ever are distressed jeans in use today. In the '90s tucking a shirt in was in use until the grunge movement which allowed for a more relaxed fit with shirts hanging loose. Oh yes and while black jeans were used, light blue jeans reigned during the time. If shorts were used they were usually solid or plaid patterned.
As for ladies, yep mom/boyfriend jeans were and are in use today. Tears and rips are a HUGE plus as well as patches/appliques. Not only are high waisted jeans back but so are the high waisted distressed shorts. Some ladies even wear fishnets or leggings under these shorts or tattered jeans that add a little extra punk. Oh yeah and don't forget the clunky belts.

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Both of these clothing options give off a more grown up look vs. 2000s fashion where very low waisted jeans were in which usually gives off a much younger tween/teenager look.
Skinny jeans were used during the time, but were not as popular as these other jeans.


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Before the '2010s overalls were quite baggy and stacked. This decade they come in the form of shorts and tapered jeans and the main audience for them are women. Although men today don't wear it, they sure did prior 2000s, and the baggier they were, the better.


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Back in the day before the mid '2000s, Docs used to be made in england and because of this rock n roll staple, is why they were known for being so tough and durable. The girls wore them with shorts as girls do today and with jeans. Believe it or not even men wore them with shorts and socks such as Eddie Vedder (front singer of Pearl Jam).

Of course other shoes were key ingredients in the fashion world such as Converse, Jordans, Ked's, chunky heel shoes, boots, Nike, Adidas, Birkenstocks, Light Up Sneakers, Sketchers, Platforms, Timberlands, Jelly Shoes, Steve Madden and Louis Vutton and of course VANS.

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I notice today that while we admire dirty converse and dirty worn in shoes of all kinds, this only applied to the rock and roll end of the spectrum. Basketball players/rappers etc those with white shoes did whatever they could to keep them staying optic white.


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Babydoll Dresses

Crop Tops

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Ms. Kelly Kapowski
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Shirts Under Tank Top

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Not sure if girls do this today, but I know when I dress my little sister I do this for her


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Today using more than one is better

Necklaces as well were layered.


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of course they were an individual kind of taste


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since tattoos were becoming a bit more mainstream, it was still kept simple

Hair Accessories

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For both men & women oversized flannels were a must. And they could literally go over anything, dresses, shirts, crop tops, used with shorts, under a denim jacket etc. Even flannel jackets were a thing for men.
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Yes flannel skirts too; paired with a band tee or a dark shirt was the way to go


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definitely a staple paired with straightened short hair usually


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Boys and Girls alike used these caps, and it was either worn forward, to the side, slightly to the side or backwards.
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These hats were fairly used a well

When it came to ordinary hats they usually had a clothing brand logo/name on it or a sports team.

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who could forget beanies?
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Oversized Sweaters
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Windbreakers (used in both the '80s and '90s) Today they are used but with less patterns and colors

Leather Jackets

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as always

Denim Jackets!

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in every shade/acid washed and oversized

Denim Shirts (black)

notice the newsboy cap being worn backwards and loose clothing
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Hoop Earrings

Lip Gloss is to '2000s as Lipstick is to '90s

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again darker shades were used, and Courtney Love red was used for quite some time. (Fun Fact: she was/is great friends with Drew Barrymore).

All i can say about makeup as you can see from this picture is that it was pretty minimal, well in some cases. Contouring did not exist so natural and or light/tan makeup was embraced with red or brown lips and was paired with trimmed or even left alone eyebrows. Compare to today's brows they are quite thin. As for eyelashes, it was completely up to you if you wanted to do them or not.

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Short Sleeved Shirts

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For men, this was commonly used as well as long sleeved shirts. Usually the prints were wacky with neon colors/shapes and patterns. While some guys kept it simple. Keeping it open to expose your shirt/muscle shirt, semi closed or completely unbuttoned was up to the wearer.

Athletic Side

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There was long hair for yes both men and women. Spiky hair for men became popular towards the end of the '90s if you remember '2000s fashion even i myself was guilty of gelled and spiked hair for several years. Even blonde tips for some men. It wasn't about formal hair, it was all about an "against the industry" kind of hairstyle. Or simply buzzed and lined up was the taste of the folk that were not a part of the Rock n Roll scene. Whatever industry that was. For girls, teased hair, long hair, short hair, relaxed/messy hair, braided hair, colored hair, bangs, all of these things kept women unique.

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This definitely depended on the kind of style you sought after.

Overall, I have always believed this decade was full of excellent music from both Rock and R&B. Not only this but the movies, tv shows and fashion sense just felt a lot cooler and unique. There was a lot more to play with and there were many more avenues of the crowd to, or to not be in. It was a time when technology was available but did not overpower us today. Sometimes we need a break from our phones and appreciate the people in our lives and what the world has to offer that we tend to put on stand by. What i love the most about it was the grunge movement, gosh what I would give to go to concerts between the '70s-'90s, it was great music and the fashion that came from it was also excellent. If you would like some '90s band suggestions simply check out my Audible Narcotics article it is FULL of all kinds of music. I hope something similar returns by the '2020s
Til then i hope the return of the great decade doesn't die out soon, take advantage of it and rock the looks!