sell me my worth,
i'll spend all i've got.

advertise what beauty looks like
i'll buy into it.

tell me i'm not good enough,
i'll invest in your reasons.

display your perfect body,
i'll purchase her body parts.

raise your beauty standards,
i won’t even bargain for a lower price,

discount my dreams & ambitions,
it’s okay, i’ll take the deal - i love sales anyway.

you can profit off my insecurities.
...just as long as your beauty never sells out


...this is just a poem on the beauty industry,

but honestly, honey,

“there is no need to inject yourself

with their definition of beauty,

or carve your identity into

their standard of perfection.

do not let them sell you their false beauty

at the cost of who you are.”

-me too, jolie brownell



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Image by: Isabel