After I graduated college, it is very rare for me to imagine myself working in a Law firm although my course is AB Political Science. Maybe because I know that I have 0% chance working in one knowing that these kind of work requires skilled and experienced people.

But I was wrong. After applying in more than 10 companies in different field, I got rejected over time. One day, I tried to apply as office secretary here in Law firm where I work and then after two days I got call from them that I'm hired as their secretary to be. Imagine two days? Compare to other companies that I prioritized before, months have passed and still no call from them. I realized that no matter how hard you try, if it's not meant for you, it will not come to you.

My job is actually a Lawyer's Secretary/Office Secretary/Receptionist in a Law firm. Most of the time I don't do anything which is so dull for me. Just like now, it's office hours but I'm blogging HAHAHAHA. I don't know but it's my third week here already, and I don't see any personal growth. I always think of what to do everyday since I'm the kind of person who always seeks for something to do. Plus, I always make mistakes SHHHHT which is very unacceptable for me.

Yesterday, we celebrated one of our lawyers birthday here in the office, we ate in one long big table. Being part of the feast madde me uncomfortable since I'm the one who's new here. There are times that it's awkward because the relationship between the boss and employees were different. They are lawyers and were just staffs. Like it's up and down situation. Nope, I'm not downgrading myself. I just want to express reality. And most of the time, we don't have much to talk about or we have conversation with other groups. I don't want that :(

Anyway until now I'm observing here. I want to stay as long as I can. I hope everything goes well for me for the next few months. I hope you guys pray for me too. To avert any mistakes because honestly I'm afraid to work with lawyers. HAHAHHAHAHA I actually don't know why God put me here, but I know there are good reasons out there. I just have to trust Him.