Helooooo. This article is about the hardest thing you have ever experienced, and I was trying to remember but I've never really been in a situation like that. So I'll write what it has been the hardest thing for me through these years which is not getting accepted into college. 😢

Well it all starts about 6 months ago that all colleges here in Mexico were getting ready for the admission tests, I applied for two schools, but here the tests are not standardized like in the U.S or other countries, so I had to study for two different tests and I really had little time because of high school and extra activities. When I had to check the results online I was really hoping I to be in one of the schools, but that wasn't the case. I felt horrible and sincerely really stupid because I had studied but it wasn't enough. It's a really weird feeling because I really didn't wanna show to my parents that I was feeling down but at the same time I couldn't help myself being sad. And that has been the worst thing that has happened to me because I didn't know how to react or what to feel. Now I have to wait six months for the next test and I hope this time I'll get in because just imagine if not.
Not getting accepted feels horrible, so my advice is to start studying as now that you can, never is too soon.

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Bissu, bissu. 💋
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