They told me not to take it seriously, and I didn't. Since the moment that I met him, I knew he'll be like Blake, he'll break me down, he'll destroy my heart; but I stay anyway, and took the risk of my life.

Now I'm broken. I mean, I already was, but, not like this. He kinda showed up in my life like a miracle, while I was trying to get James out of my mind, so he became my distraction; we were friends who kissed for no apparent reason, we kinda flirted, but, we were nothing. It didn't ask for explanations, and it'll help me to forget, so I didn't went away.

But then I realized, I was caught up again. If I didn't leave, he'd change places with James, he'd join to the list of reasons, and the list of guys.

I didn't take it seriously, but I knew it'll end up hurting. And it is.

Maybe it's time to leave, but how? How do I abandon something it's not just about me? How do I abandon something that it's more a real friendship than anything, but hurts in other ways?

So tell me, Trevor. How do I leave without disappointing you?

I'm sorry. But this is who I am, and if something hurts me, I go.