We need to talk about the world. We need to talk about what's happening. The things we are causing. Let's talk about all the children around the world, they are dying beacuse of hunger, we are not giving a shit.
Let's talk about how beautiful the world is, and how more beautiful can get if we all give a shit. We can still change the world. We can still save it. It's not that late. But we do not give a shit.
I do not know what are we waiting for, the only thing that i know is that it is begging for help, screaming despertely for our help. We are murdering the world, and we do not even care about it.
Let's talk about the seas and the trees. Let's talk about the clouds and the sky. Let's remember the world before we started hurting it. It was so damn beautiful. Beacuse nature is nothing else but art. And we are destroying it. I'm not going to say anything about how God created the world. Beacuse we don't have a certain prove of that. But i can tell you something, whatever is behind all of this, is the most admirable creature in the universe. And i want to say sorry to him, she, it, beacuse we are destroying the most beautiful creation in the whole existence.
Let's talk about how are we destroying the world.
And we are not giving a shit.