The last child of twelve

Do you know that:

Astrologers point out that Pisces has difficulty dealing with reality, but if you have ever watched any film about the elusive mermaid, a part of the fish will always belong to the ocean.

Do you agree?

Well, here's a list of things that I love to do.
So I decided to share with you guys and to invite you to join a #challenge tell me if you do some of the things that I do then make your personal list of things that you pisces love to do.
Please feel free to join the #PiscesChallenge 🗯

You can list only 10 things, ok?

I bet it's gonna be fun!

It's a call to Pisces ARMY ♓️
  • I love swimming
  • Beach is my yoga
  • Melt to the sound and smell of the rain
  • Smile without a reason
  • Get lost in your thoughts
  • Love to stay alone
  • Sing to yourself is always a good idea
  • I love sea food and vegetables
  • Some music is just my life being singing
  • I have photophobia (love the light and the sunshine but I love the darkness as well)
horoscope and pisces image
  • Intuitive (people are always getting scared of me)
  • I love having long hair and I love long haired men.
  • Love to make love in the shower and on the floor (bed too) lights on or off.
  • Am shy very shy but after few minutes I am normal and very honest.
  • Love to cuddle all day long
  • Crybaby

Well, I could be here saying much more, but I think that's all for now.

You guys have a challenge to do. I wanna meet all the Pisceans we got over here. All the Heartist that has the sun in Pisces.

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Love and Peace

_ Kel Cruz