once i get out of the hell-hole that is high school i have aspirations for college life me :)) to the future!

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multiple ear-piercings: I have always wanted a shit-ton of earrings but my parents haven't let me get more than 2. i want a helix piercing and a snug ! and just in general a lot of jewerly bc i have about -3 pieces of jewerly which i reuse everyday hoping nobody will notice
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cute lil' tattoos!: another thing my parents would never let me get now, not that i want to be tatted in high school lol. i want small tattoos that i can hide easily that have meaning to me
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have a calming apartment: i want an atmospheric vibe to my future apartment which i have designed in the sims 4 multiple times lolol. a loft would be the best bc i dont really mind small spaces at all? idk i think the smaller the cozier.
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nice hair: i have been waiting until i graduate to go back to korea and get a magic perm! there r 2 types of korean hair, the flawless silky kind and the other brittle dry kind and guess which one i got. i also want to dye my hair in shades of ash platinum blonde and warm brown or whatever tbh!
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a1 makeup and skin!: i have pretty clear skin but a good skincare routine would help a lot. also i dont drink water haha. since im a broke binch, i dont have a lot of makeup nor do i use a lot bc im lazy. but in the future when my classes rnt at 8am in the morning i want to do makeup betta!!
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eat gud: i miss korean cafes in itaewon hongdae garosugil area so much, they have the cutest cafes and snacks hehe. i want to travel there as much as i can and have lots of coffee.
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wear whatever the fuck i want: in the area i live its p open-minded but everyone tends to wear the same thing and its boring as hell and im boring as hell and so in college i want to wear anything i want and not care what other people will think about me.
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have a cute relationship: i rlly do not want to date anyone at my school LOLOL but in college hopefully there will be actually cute n nice guys also cute ig couples make me angry

be cute:
something i will never accomplish but why not wish

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be studious!: i try in school but also im lazy so i tend to procrastinate but im working on it! the idea of studying in a clean space is very appeasing to my mind. context_page=3&context_set=112912557-peach-heart&context_type=collection
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own a cute dog!: i have a rlly cute dog atm and i love him with all my heart but i love animals so much i want another one! how can u not love dogs ugh
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get that bod: due to always being stressed and overloaded with schoolwork with ap classes i tend to stresseat and not work out. for my better health i want to workout more and eat healthier