posting two in one day because i am a control freak who cannot have things out of order, okay? okay.

day four: make a list of things you couldn't live without

1. my parents oh my goodness, when i tell you my luck magically changes whenever they go out of town and leave me. they were in town yesterday, everything was fine. they left this morning, i fell down the stairs. they're also just my best friends.

2. my best friend now, i have lots of best friends, but one in particular is like my friend-soulmate (we've talked about this). basically, she is my other half that knows me better than myself.

3. writing as cliché as it sounds, i would not be the human i am today without writing.

4. my faith it's something i take a lot of pride in and truly value.

5. my school it's the reason i come home and cry everyday, but i know the options i will have because of the years i spent here will be beyond what i could get somewhere else. i really can't live without my school because without it, i wouldn't have met my best friend or be anywhere close to the girl i am today (how many times am i going to use that phrase?)

that's all for today, i'm not 100% right now, lots is happening in my personal life. let me know if you want me to start a tumblr account...maybe????