i missed yesterday bc i am a piece of garbage ~~

day three: make a list of your favorite books

1. all the bright places jennifer niven - WHAT A BOOK, i get chills every time i read it. I think the simplicity yet diversity of the issues both violent and finch are facing is really approachable for people of all ages. it deserves #1 because this is one of two books that i will continue to read over and over again

2. out of my mind sharon draper - do you ever randomly remember those books you read when you were younger and the stories that just stuck with you? well, that's this book for me. i remember buying it at the scholastic book fair, and reading it over and over and over again. it was the first book i had ever read that deals with such an unspoken-about topic. for me, my dad is handicapped (i know that this is not what the book is about) and this book opened my eyes as to what someone who is handicapped faces on a day-to-day basis. this is the other book i read over and over again.

3. percy jackson rick riordan - my. favorite. book. series. EVER. these books are what inspired me to write and come up with story lines. i started reading them really young and they were probably the most influential aspect of my creative writing ability.

4. me, earl, and the dying girl jesse andrews - to be completely fair, i think i only half read this book, as in i read the words but not the story (does that make sense?). i do however remember how much i loved how the book was written, as if the protagonist was talking to me, not at me.

5. we have always lived in the castle shirley jackson - ok, i have to be honest again, i'm currently reading this book. as in, its in my booksack and i have to be finished by next week. BUT I LOVE IT! the concept is really interesting and i seriously enjoy how and how much it makes me think.

i'm ridiculously picky when it comes to books, so adding any more to this list would probably be a stretch. anyway, just wanted to say a quick lil thanks to everyone who followed me recently and hearted my past articles, you're all dears.

let me know if i should make a tumblr and start posting on there??? idk i want to be able to have conversations with people. let me know what books you would put on your list!