hey guys! I've wanted to just sit down and tell you guys things about me because i've had this blog since 2015 and i've never had the chance to tell you guys about me. So since I finally have that privilege, here are a few short facts about me! (and yes the person in the photo is me!)

instagram: @becca.calvar


1. my real name is rebecca but i preferred to be called as Becca but, whatever floats your boat is okay with me, lol.

2. i'm a huuuge fan of justin bieber (belieber fam! wya?!) and i was going to see him on aug. 23rd of this year but he cancelled the tour :(

3. i'm really into the fashion industry and i dream to become a fashion designer and fashion-creative director.

4. i just started my first year of high school (yes, i'm a freshie :P) and i literally cried on the first day after school because i hated my school so much (thus why i am transferring to a better hs in which has the classes i want to take and just overall better)

5. i have this lowkey love for conspiracy theories. I think they're pretty cool and sick but sometimes too far-fetched.

6. i have a secret hobbie which is photography. it's one of my favorite types of art.

7. i am all about feminism and empowering all my sisters out there! (but im not hardcore to the point where im triggered over everything, lol. relatable?)

8. i'm lowkey a neat-freak and crazy about keeping my aesthetic. like, if something doesn't match my aesthetic or just doesnt look clean, it'll drive me crazy. (i'm devoted to my aesthetic and i'm trying to keep it that way, haha.)

9. my inspiration is adriana lima. she's one of my favorite supermodels and not to mention, the sweetest person ever! she's such an icon and i love how she loves what she does and i aspire to be like that.

10. i'm very bad at being on time. like i'm also late to dates or hangouts and i feel bad because they're always waiting on me, haha. sorry!

11. i'm very serious about my future. i really want to make my parents proud and prove people that i'm not going to be whatever they want me to be and most importantly, i wanna love what i do in the future and continue to strive to be happy.

12. i hate biology with a passion :)

13. i really don't like sharing my problems with anyone since i have a fear of them pushing me away, so i stay mute.

14. i like to see the good in people even if they are a bitch to me and others. i like to think positive instead of letting hate take over.

15. i can't fully watch a televison or netflix series (except for 13rw). i don't know, my attention span is very short.

16. i'm obsessed over john green. my favorite works of his is: paper towns, looking for alaska. didn't really like the fault in our stars but, the story plot was very strong and cute.

17. i'm a CT native. born and raised.

18. i'm a real procrastinator. like i said, my attention span is short af and i get distracted easily but, i manage to get my work done on time (anxiety is a real bitch)

19. i'm 14 y/o :) yeah, i'm pretty short too.

20. i'm 5'0" haha

21. my inspiration for my instagram feed is kaia gerber's instagram, haha. i love her theme!

22. not a fan of selena gomez. i used to be until i grew out of her music and style of it. still respect it though, just not my cup of tea anymore.

23. i used to hardcore ship jelena until i grew up and realized you can't ship a relationship that was toxic.

24. my mom would never let me do my eyebrows until the start of seventh grade. she said if i do my eyebrows, my eyebrows will 'disappear' which made me scared and i've never touched them (i was walking around with a unibrow for four years, lol.)

25. i'm a picky eater. not much a veggie fan but i am a strawberries fan.

26. i use to eat cookies all the time that my twin sister called me a 'cookie monster' haha!

27. my style is a mix of celeb streetstyle and classy. i like to make a good impression to the world. sweats are only for bummy days at home.

28. huge fan of the blue lagoon. brooke shields is my wcw like, everyday. she's absolutely amazing and gorgeous, inside and out. (and those brows tho!)

29. new york is my favorite place. you can go wherever, whenever.

30. fall and winter are my favorite seasons!

31. i've always wanted to study abroad to amsterdam or london or anyway in europe.

32. christmas is my favorite holiday!


thats all the facts i could think of, haha. tell me if you want a part 2 :)