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Hey guys!

This is the final part of my reflections about identity and self love. I know there are so many topics of discussion that can be born if we’d keep a conversation, and contradictions wait for us somewhere in this path, but this is a basic explanation of my beliefs on identity and self love. I hope you enjoy ;)

I believe we all have values and notions in common (with a few variations, of course), which makes us a great and fascinating family, but our layers are the fundamental differences between us. Each human being has their own personal story, with unique elements, even when they pass through the same experiences. I would never see a car accident the same way you would, no matter if we were in the same car, side by side. But our different versions of this accident could complete the story in a strange way, creating something we would never be able to do by ourselves.
And I believe that's exactly what happens with our lives.

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See you on the next article ;)