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Hey guys!

This is the second part of my fragments about finding your identity, and now I'll talk about changing and yet being honest. I hope you enjoy ;)

I’ve always been in constant change and it used to scare me to the point I started to think “oh, I’m abnormally fluid, there’s something wrong with me, I need help”, but time passed, and now, as a young adult, I relaxed. I thought about my whole life and started to understand that change is my personal way of survival. I found out that I can add layers and layers of skills, feelings, opinions and thoughts (and discard layers that no longer fit), growing as a person and keep my true self at the same time. But how is that possible? Well, I believe that our values and beliefs are our core, the glue that keeps all those layers together, because they will rule our entire life no matter how we change.
I believe honesty is irreplaceable, so this value will guide me in all my choices, the way I treat people and how I see myself. Today I could be in a certain state of mind, and tomorrow everything might be different, but I would be the same if I keep holding on this value.

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See you on the next article ;)