🎬The Hiers

lee min ho korean heirs korean

This was a journey of a kdrama, from the scenes in LA to a love story in Korea about a rich boy high schooler and your average working class girl

🎬Descendants of the Sun

korean dots exo Superthumb

The eye candy in this show though! It truly was such a beautiful drama to watch as majority of the scenes were on the same 'colour palette' in terms of the rustic buildings and cliffs. The scenery in this show was stunning. And what's more cute is that main lead characters are now engaged in real life so it's nice to know the on screen chemistry was most likely genuine!

🎬Sassy Go Go

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High school drama is always loved! I loved how some of the characters narratives were very relatable to real students who deal with pressure from family to do well or have trouble socialising in a way that people deem as 'normal'. AND LEE WON GEUN AND KIM JISOO WERE BOTH SUCH EYE CANDY OMG!! I really want them to somehow reunite in another kdrama - the visuals would be killing us

🎬Exo Next Door

exo exo exo exo

This was absolutely hilarious and all of EXO IN ONE SHOW YES PLEASE! Short and to the point and a lot happens but majority is all funny af. Light hearted mini series that is perfect for when you don't want to watch something that is hours long

🎬Cheese in the Trap

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Possibly one of my fave kdramas to exist. From the narrative to the actors and actresses to the set design, everthing was absolutely stunning. It's where my love grew for Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk and Seo Kang Joon and boy let me tell you I fell for Seo Kang Joon SO HARD! This is the perfect Autumn kdrama and is literally the uni life I think everyone dreams of. Hang Sol's waredrobe is legit what I want to wear in uni for the next 3 years. And her orange hair just made everything aesthetically pleasing to watch. Lee Sung Kyung plays Baek In Ha who is a THE BEST CRAZY BITCH EVER! Baek In Ho was such a cutie in this, his character is so frikkin adorable istg I never experienced second lead syndrome as hard as I did with this show!

🎬Click Your Heart

kpop Superthumb Superthumb neoz school

SF9 (NEOZ) in a kdrama mini series I mean what is there not to love about that!! This is where I really fell head over heels for Rowoon and I love him as an actor as much as I do as him being a performer. I watched this a year ago so I forgot exactly what happens but I enjoyed it loads. Yes its a high school drama with a mystical twist. I hope SF9 do more acting together in the future they were a great cast!

🎬 Uncontrollably Fond

drama kdrama Superthumb suzy

I want to keep this one short because I don't think there are words that can describe how beautiful and heartbreaking this show really was. It was a roller coster of emotions and istg I was literally crying my eyes out in the last couple of episodes but nevertheless I cried in the first episode :( It was a truly beautiful 'cancer' romance story that evoked so much emotions from me I felt like there was nothing to do with my life after I finished watching it. Kim Woo Bin and Suzy played the main characters perfectly. I am also soooooooo upset at Kim Woo Bin's situation right now as well. For those who don't know, Kim Woo Bin actually has cancer and this was announced in July of this year. The fact that he is a true big Korean celebrity that has cancer gets even more upsetting because in Uncontrollably Fond, he plays a character that is a famous celebrity who also happens to have cancer but has kept it a secret for a very long time. I don't know why but I have a strong feeling that Woobin knew he had cancer during the filming of this drama and I guess this could've been a 'feel' for what it would be like if the public knew he had cancer in real life. I really pray and hope he is happy and feeling okay :( But seriously, one of the most upsetting, romantic, heart breaking tear jerking kdramas I have ever watched. Also the song Golden Love by Midnight Youth is the soundtrack and omg it makes me cry everytime I listen to it now :( Such a beautiful song that matched this drama perfectly... it turned out to be long LOL

🎬Shopping King Louis

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This is where my love for Seo In Guk blossomed. He was soooo handsome and seriously cute in the drama you would be daft not to fall for him! Guk's character suffers from a memory loss making him forget the life of being a rich kid and suddenly he's on the streets waking up to a stranger who recognises him. It was funny and so frikkin cute. But ngl, I'm not a fan of kiss scenes but idk what it was about this kiss scene that I was so shocked about. I guess I didn't think Guk could go like that?? (LOL) His character is so innocent like he just went in for it. LOL you'd understand what I mean if you watch it.

🎬Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

kdrama asian kdrama couple

UMMM ARE WE TALKING ABOUT KOREAS BELOVED LEE SUNG KYUNG AND NAM JOO HYUK?!?!? They hands down get the award for worlds cutest couple to ever exist. And months later YG announced they are dating irl! But then announced they broke up after a couple of months? Idk what happened there but in the show they were absolutely adorable!! It was really a stunning show to watch as well as all the scenes and lighting was very 'light' and soft and the colours used were bright but subtle, varying on more of the pastels and baby blush colours so every scene literally was just cute to even look at! Also the way Joon Hyung called Bok Joo 'TUNG' which means Chubs and it was just too frikkin cute. I mean every wants a Joon Hyung as a bf or best friend after watching this for sure.

🎬Age of Youth (Hello My Twenties)

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This was a fun light hearted girly show. Based around 5 girls who live together but each have their very own issues and lives but in the end show that no matter what is going on in their own lives, they are always going to be there for each other. The themes explored in this are sensitive but real and that's what I really liked about this show. The show was that much of a hit that it got issued for a 2nd season and is now currently airing on TV in Korea! Do watch this season first to get familiar with the characters!


kpop kdrama v drama

Okay tbh, I only watched the show for the CAST BECAUSE IT IS FULLY OF EYE CANDY!!! I wasn't to fond of the romance in the show but the bromance between the guys is the highlight. All the scenes with the guys is absolutely hilarious and I was literally drooling each minute. I discovered so many actors from this show and the I mean Kim Taehyung making his acting debut with this cast was probably the best thing that happened. Taehyung (from BTS) was so charming in this but his character sadly..... I don't want to spoil it so I'll leave it there. Loved the chemistry between the guys and thanks to this show Park Seo Joon remains to be the man of my dreams :))))

🎬Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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Okay so I need to be honest with this show. I first watched it because Park Hyung Sik and Kim Jisoo was in it and it felt like forever since I've seen Jisoo in a drama but unfortunately he played a second male lead :(KOREA GIVE JISOO A MAIN LEAD PLS!) So.... the romance did not do it for me. At first it was all cute but then it got too cute-ish to the point I was skipping all the couple scenes and only watching the scenes about Jisoo and the police case. But here's why you should watch it - the police case was super interesting! Jisoo plays a police officer investigating the case of women who keep on disappearing. It was just really scary in the way they kidnapper aimed to attack all of them. But I have to admit the ending was really cute and the way Hyungsik's character was all love struck was funny and cute. If you like romance with action then this one is for you.

🎬Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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This was another show that broke my heart over and over again. it was such an emotional rollercoaster and each episode was unpredictable. This was light hearted sometimes but very heavy. This drama is based off the true events of the Goryeo Dynasty which is what I liked. The historical and political scenes of the show was what kind of 'blossomed' the romance between the main characters and it all adds up. The last scene got me crying so much to the point I fell asleep with a headache. It was so sad, or I probably just cry easily :)) The cast also is all full of eye candy! And the first 15 minutes of the episode you already get to see beautiful torsos ;) Definetally a MUST WATCH drama and I recommend it to A N Y O N E, that's how good it is!


kdrama couple goblin goblin

One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL KDRAMAS TO EXIST! It was just so pleasing to watch. The colours in production was very autumnal, warm and cool with browns and blues used in every scene that really added to the emotion that the drama gave. I cried my eyes out at some scenes. This is another drama with a rollercoaster full of ups and downs of emotions that you just feel empty when it's finished. A very unique non linear narrative. You really get sucked into watching this especially when the second romance story begins and it just gets heart breaking. Boys and girls - get your tissues ready.