I came across this book one day in Barnes and Nobles called, " 300 Writing Prompts". Now, some of you may have seen it or even own it so today I decided I'm gonna start writing my responses to those on WHI. (:

So, these wont be in the order of the book and I may skip a day or two sometimes just depending on my work schedule. When that does happen I'll just write said amount on the same day as too when I have caught up with it.

So, this first one that I'm gonna do is 25 things that Ill never do.

1. Do hardcore drugs ( Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, Acid ect.)

2. Jump off a plane

3. Fall in love

4. Meet my favorite band

5. Get my license ( I'm 21 lol)

6. Complete my bucket list

7. Forgive myself for any wrongs

8. Regret moving states away from my family ( They live in Vegas & I live in Oregon)

9.Be able to travel the world

10. Save money by myself

11. Express the way I feel in certain aspects

12. Lose weight

13. Fully support myself

14. Buy my parents a house

15. Find complete happiness

16. Know what my true purpose is

17. Fully believe in myself

18. Be able to pay my parents back

19. Complete something fully

20. Stop bad eating habits ( I'm a foodie)

21. Completely love myself

22. Leave my comfort zone

23. Discover unknown hobbies

24. Face my Fears

25. Let myself believe its not possible to achieve any of these never do by doing them to the best of my abilities ( minus #1 no drugs for me thanks )

There is always a way to accomplish things that you dont think you can..

What are some things that you never will do?

Message me and let me know!