here are a few things I want to talk about. That's why I was disturbed by the night's blind date in your home page. I saw a few posts, I just wanted to talk to him in the answer: life is somehow difficult, yes. But that does not mean to give up. Do not give up and hide behind your brokenness, im here for you.

Life is too short to take the burden of others' faults on their own shoulders. That's why you do not save you from drowning in that ocean, it will only make you drowned. Please breathe and live somewhere in one place, and in another place you will be fighting relentlessly for others, fighting for your war. It's not a word, I know. And even if I do not know, I say together all the meanings below; You're not alone.

Should you keep me under my blanket?

I will protect you ..

So the fragility will decrease, the injuries of those who come. I could be a bandage and a painkiller for you. And it can be in cream, yes.

I know your timid steps are afraid to come to me. But if you take a step, I will run to you.

I will run with you ..

There is a heart. I mean, I know well I can not. I will help you, just keep it.

Now .. if you feel like you can breathe for a while ... I slip on my side:

You can get under the blanket. I will share your wounds. I'll be there.


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