Who am I?
What do you I like?
What do I want?

My name is Miranda but people call me Mimi.
To begin with, my name is not common in my country but guess what, the only Miranda I know apart from me goes to MY school and is one year younger than me. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? But at the end of the day we are really different and unique in our own way.

My family is composed by my mom, dad and brother who is 11 years old (turns 12 in two days) and we used to live with my dog Mika. Her name is in honor of the singer Mika who we used to listen a lot when we were kids.

Things I love

While growing up I start having different obsessions with bands, Tv shows, books, and this are some of them...

one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
One Direction was, is and will always be my first big love for bands.
Jennifer Morrison, lana parrilla, and once upon a time image
Once Upon a Time my first Tv show love.
love, quotes, and butterfly image
After my first books love.

This is a small introduction of myself, the next days are going to be better I promise!!
Love you
Mimi <3