1. Your favorite character:
Flinn Ryder (Rapunzel)

tangled, funny, and disney image

2. Your favorite princess:
Ariel (the little meramaid)

disney, ariel, and mermaid image

3. Your favorite heroin:
Esmeralda (the hunchback of Notre Dame)

Image by Ilaria_Dream

4.Your favorite prince:
Eric (the little meramaid)

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5. Your favorite hero:
Hercules (Hercules)

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A true hero isn't measuerd by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart. <3

6. Your favorite animal:
the cheshire cat (alice in wonderland)

cat, alice in wonderland, and mad image

7.Your favorite sidekick:
Maxsimus (Rapunzel)

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8.Your favorite villain:
Ade (Hercules)

hades and hercules image

9. Your favorite original character:
Mickey Mouse

wallpaper, disney, and mickey mouse image

10. Your favorite song:
Tow worlds one family (Tarzan)

disney, jane, and movie image

11. Your favorite love song:
Once Upon A Dream (The Sleeping Beauty)

disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image

12 Your favorite villain song:
You are B (The Return of Jafar)

aladdin, magic, and disney image

13.Your leats favorite song:
how far i'll go (Moana)

disney, moana, and princess image

14. Your favorite kiss:
Beauty and the beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and kiss image

15. The firts movie you saw:
Peter Pan

peter pan, disney, and london image

16. Your favorite classic:
The little meramaid

ariel, disney, and mermaid image

17. Your least favorite classic:

Image by Maiko

18. Your favorite pixar film:

disney, monsters inc, and pixar image

19. Your least favorite pixar film:
The Good Dinosaur

disney, gif, and pixar image

20. Your favorite sequel:
The lion king 2

disney, the lion king, and el rey leon image

21. An overrated movie:
Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs

disney, snow white, and princess image

22. An underrated movie:
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

disney image

23. A movie that makes you laugh:
the lion king 3

memories :) <3 image

24. A movie that makes you cry:

dumbo, elephant, and disney image

25. Your favorite scene from your favorite movie:
When Flinn cuts hair to Rapunzel

tangled, disney, and rapunzel image

26. Saddest death:
Ray (the princess and the forg)

disney, feels, and heart broken image

27. Your favorite quote:
never stop dreaming, only dreamers can fly.

peter pan, disney, and neverland image
28. Best wardarobe Belle
beauty and the beast, art, and belle image

29. Your favorite theme park:
Disneyland Paris

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30. Your favorite park show:
The parade of wagons with all the characters and the fireworks

travel image

Xoxo, Layla