{ English is not my first language}

I think everybody can understand that being diagnosed with something is not that fun at all. And i'm not talking about only being diagnosed with cancer. Some people need to realise that there is so mutch more to be diagnosed with. Like things you maybe don't know.

In my family there is enough stuf that people are diagnosed with, yeas cancer is one of them. But in my family there are seriously heart problems. Like my uncle had a heart failure. He died of it, in the hopspital, at age of 25. My granddad has
heart rhythm disorder, diabetes and had a couple of myocardial infarction but i'm lucky to still have him in my life.

But then there is me, maybe i have a simple thing like lactose intolerance. But last year there was misophony diagnosed. I can hear you think, with the question, wtf is that? Well i will explain.

In a daily life you will face enough sounds. Like people chewing on gum, people who are working on there laptop, people who are just eating. People who are making enoying sounds. Well for you that is normal, for me it's a hell. A lot of sounds in this world makes me enoyed. Why? Well that is misophony. It's a messed up disorder of my hearing and my brain. I can't handel the sounds at all. You can move over it, i can't. I get annoyed even mad if i'm in a bad mood, and i can't do anything about it.
Is it distroying my life, oh hell yeas. School is messed up everyday. Because there are so many thing i can't handel like sounds.
I'm always listening to music most of the time, why? Because than i don't hear the sounds. But one problem i always have a headache, because i always have the music so loud, so i don't have to hear anything, that it hurts in the end.

But the worst part of it all, every year there are coming more sounds i can't handel, every year it's get worst. So in a few years i don't think i can life a normal life anymore. And i hate it, i hate that i need to have this. Like how do i see my future, well in very honesty, i don't see a future.