Hiღ this is my first article so I hope you're gonna enjoy it!
I'm gonna show you all of little things who make me happy especially in fall


book, coffee, and cafe image
book, candle, and autumn image
book, candle, and autumn image
book, autumn, and fall image

I don't know why but buy and read books become a real passion for me. I love stay in my bed on rainy days under my blankets and be absorbed in all of these stories.

Coffee and hot chocolate

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autumn, fall, and coffee image
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autumn, coffee, and fall image

I love go back home after school and warm me if it's cold outside withe a good hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Fall trees

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autumn, fall, and nature image
paris, autumn, and fall image
autumn, fall, and forest image

This is so beautiful when you walking around fall trees with these colors and I'm something like in admiration in front of this.


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fashion, sweater, and winter image
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fashion, sweater, and style image

It's time to take out again our pullovers and warm us with it when the cold weather comes. I love wearing pullovers, it's confortable and so beatiful, it may be a very important part of your outfit.

That's all for this article :))
I hope you liked it ღ