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✈ Here are my top few beautiful destinations I would love to travel to some day. Hope this inspires you to travel and create your dream travel list ✈

  • Paris ❇

Of course the city of love, fashion, and popular art sites. I would love to see the beautiful lights in the city.

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  • United Kingdom (UK)

For some reason, I've always been attracted to this marvelous area. Famous spots like the Stone Henge, Big Ben, and The London Bridges are very beautiful structures of the modern world.

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  • Somewhere in the mountains 🌄

Any mountain scenery is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Colorado, Canada, Montana, or Alaska would be a great place to go see.

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  • Amsterdam

The beautiful city of Amsterdam is famous for its canals throughout the city. Making it a very welcoming city to travel to one day.

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  • California/ Florida

Some place where the weather is always nice, beautiful beaches, and outstanding sunrises. This is the place to go ❤️

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  • Tropical Trip 🌴

Some destinations like Thailand, Australia, Mexico and Hawaii are such beautiful places in the world. Bright blue ocean water, tikki huts, and coconuts sound so perfect together!

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