3rd October 2017
In my home town it has already got quite cold, so I thought it is time for a list with all the pros about autumn.

1. Starting with the warm colours, yellow, orange, red, brown and green.

autumn, trees, and bright image autumn, fall, and pinecone image

2. Yep, now you are officially allowed to grab your cozy blanket, in one hand a big cup filled with hot chocolate and in your other one your favourite book.

book, coffee, and bed image book, candle, and study image
... or of course studying.

3. Obviously, another option is watching Netflix (or amazon prime, YouTube,...)

supernatural, dean winchester, and jensen image
my favourite is SUPERNATRUAL atm.

4. Wearing big scarfs and warm jumpers with blue jeans.

fashion, winter, and scarf image

5. Not to forget pumpkins! Either for Halloween or a spicy pumpkin soup.

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image october, pumpkin, and fall image

6. Most importantly, enjoy these days with your friends.

friends, autumn, and light image

7. Last but not least my favourite autumn songs at the moment.

  • Let Me Hold You (Turn me on) - Cheat Codes
  • Something Just Like This - The Chainsomers
  • Praying - _Kesha
  • Idfc - Blackbear
  • Silence - Marshmello
  • Brother - Kodaline

You might enjoy this YouTube channel Kalyn Nicholson as well. She makes the best videos I have ever watched and she puts a lot of effort in them.

Thanks a lot for reading my first article.

xx charly