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Day 16
What are your five greatest accomplishments?

I am only 14 so there isn't that accomplishment that I have but here are the things that I consider an accomplishment.

1) Pass Middle School
I started high school recently, and me passing middle school with high grades is something I am proud of.

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2) Speaking Fluent Engish
My first language is Arabic, I feel speaking fluent English is an accomplishment and I am learning Turkish too.

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3) Read 25 books
I have always loved reading but this I read a lot of books compared the past years and I am proud of it and hopefully, I will read more in the next couple years.

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4) Start understanding things
It really isn't that accomplishment but I am 14 sooo... understanding things around and how this world works and how life goes on with or without you.

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5) Halfway through this challenge
This challenge is one of the best things I did and I feel being halfway through it is a something exciting and I am going to complete it.

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