I's funny how boys start to hate us if they start to love us (not in the way a boy love his friend or his best friend) and they're there for us but we told them that we love them just in a friendly way. After that they're like 'OMG, I was there for you and I was your friend for nothing' and we're like 'But..I thought that we're friends and friends are there for each other' and then they told us that they were there for us in that friendly way just because they wanted us to be more than their friends. I lived something like this and I know how painful you feel after that, after they told you that they were you're friends because they wanted something. That feeling is horrible, you feel used and dumb for believed them and their friendship.
(I know that not all boys do that and I also know that some girls do the same thing. But for everyone who do that and read this article, girl or boy, please stop doing this, you can hurt really bad someone doing that thing)