Finding yourself can be hard
when you don't know where to start
when everything's bringing you down
putting out your heart
for the world to see

The vulnerable side of you
Finally leaves these four walls
You are no longer crawling in yourself

The scars you carry is no longer on your shoulders
The weight you felt, is almost like an empty box

The struggles you fought on now
The demons are now the ones screaming
Because you are no longer scared of the raw you
The darkness is what you are
There is now air in your lungs
Finally the hurt you felt, you are your own light
You know your power, use it

They can't control you anymore
You found your path
What you're gonna do is follow it
Your eyes are now looking at what they badly needed to see
The force is in you
Now you can finally fly
The wings that were in chains now can roam free

You no longer are afraid of the war in your head
Cause you know you are victorious
Don't have to hide yourself from what you are

What you need now is the freedom to be what you wanted to be, a human
All this time you were the shelter from the storm going on in your head