Hey! I hope you're doing well. I was not planning on not posting this weekend, but I had to work and I went home. I finally got my bubble bath that I craved for and it was heavenly. I have been feeling better these last few days. Drank Starbucks in my jeep and enjoyed the breeze before work. No tears= great day. I took care of myself, which is something I should do more of. Got up early, got a manicure, went furniture shopping with my mom. Things have settled down since last week. I told my mom what was going on, and she said I need to take care of myself emotionally. I am trying. I am also trying to change up my style and save money for the things I want. I never shop for myself. That's hopefully going to change.

I finally texted Sunflower. He told me he didn't realize how much he missed me until I wasn't there anymore. We are happy.