Maybe it's a weird title for an article but you don't even know how fitting title is it. The title seems to me like the name of a new bestseller with a bit of mysterious atmosphere. (Well, maybe next time!)

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I bet you already know the topic of this article, right? My treacherous, spring kissed Muse, how I imagine her by the way, came back from her very long journey. And how much I missed her! But stop with this tittle-tattle!

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When you think about it, everything dies in autumn, yet it's so beautiful. Isn't it strange? Isn't it maybe kinda morbid? Why do we like autumn even though all the blooming flowers slowly but surely goes to the rest and appears again in a few months?

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I feel like most of the people like autumn only because there's no more any unbearable heat. But what is the real charm of autumn? Is it the time when we can wear fluffy socks, oversized sweaters, drinking hot tea or coffee and listening to rain drops which are helplessly trying to get into your room?

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Depressing weather, fog, rain, cool weather full of nostalgic memories, pumpkins and ravens everywhere you look. That's exactly what I like about autumn. At this time of the year, I feel just like "me" or more like if I was in my natural environment.

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These feelings are indescribable. I know that feeling is in my chest, but my brain can not process this information and I can't share it with you in this article. I'm sorr but I think this is a purely personal matter. Maybe you have the same feeling in summer, spring or winter, maybe even in autumn.

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It is true that in autumn, at least in the last few days, I feel happy and just free. I do not know if it's because of the weather, season or something else but I really don't care. I want this season for whole year!

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Does this article have any meaning? Probably not but it makes me feel satisfied and I feel happ that I was able to write an article after such a long time!

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