Hello , My dear Readers , we meet again today you see My second day of the challenge.

I know it was suppose to be yesterday but I had a really busy day so I had no time.

you know what they say Coming late is better than never

However , Let's get started.

- In my life there is many things that I should be greatful for, Such as :

  • My religion : I am a Muslim and I believe I was born in the correct Religion And I am greatful for it. Alhamdulillah (Thank god)
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  • My family : They're pain in the butt but I'm thankful for having Each one of them.
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  • My house : I'm really lucky to have a roof to live under , along with my family.
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  • Food : Food is Love who is not greatful for Having this joy in their houses ?
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  • whi: we heart it is a big important thing in my life , somehow it keeps me going and inspires me to have a better life.


  • education : one other important thing is education , sounds boring yeah but very important.
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that was it my dear hearters.