It's funny how I sometimes feel like I could acutally fit in.
It's funny how I sometimes feel like I could actually mean something to someone.
It's funny how I'm wasting my time on irrelevant stuff.
It's funny how I shy away from emotions, but deep down I feel the most.
It's funny how I laugh and claim to be happy, but still don't have a clue what happiness really is or actually feels like.
It's funny that I set myself so many goals, but still don't feel like waking up.
It's funny tho that I think it's the universe's fault and that I can't change anything.
It's not funny, it's pathetic.
The way I think.
Deep down I know I CAN and I WILL but my overthinking gets stronger from day to day.
They say ''Get your shit together".
I guess, they ain't wrong.
Life IS beautiful, whatever you may think.
I've been a fool for thinking, that I can't change my current position in life but I actually can.
Waiting is such a waste of time.
''Wake up", they say and that's exactly what I did.

And now my friends it's your turn.
Wake up and make the best out of it.