Day 13. Write about your passion(s), or what you just really like to do.

Hey everyone, I'm much more early today than I was yesterday...:D

I think I've quite a lot passions. I love drawing, listening to music, play the guitar and ballet equally. Let's say my passion is arts in general. Because all the things I listed are some kind of arts, but that's only my opinion.

For my studies in the future i wanna do something with music or graphic designs. Ballet will stay a hobby forever, since my ankle was injured very badly unfortunately.

I'm quite alternative, if this world even exist. I usually see things very different than everyone else, and to be honest I really enjoy it.
Me, as a person. I'm more introvert than extrovert, I'm quiet most of the time and I'm extremely shy. If I don't know anybody in a company, I just don't speak to anybody.
As Kurt Cobain said once "I'm so happy I found my friends in my head" or something similar.
I usually my own best friend. Okay, I didn't mean by this I'm alone, because I'm not, I've a a few friends which I'm completely happy with.
But you know (maybe not) there are some things that you don't wanna say outloud so you keep it yourself.

I hardly ever go out, so when I'm home, and basically alone I do what I love. As play the guitar, and draw. I drew a lot of celebrities, usually I draw my faves, like Axl Rose, Ashley Purdy, Melissa Reese, etc...
On the guitar I've learnt to play AC/DC songs as Thunderstruck, Sweet Child O' Mine, Paradise City and Welcome to the Jungle by GNR. From RHCP I know Californication, from Led Zeppelin, Starway to Heaven and Crazy Train from Ozzy Osbourne. Iron Man from Black Sabbath and so on.

I guess this is all about my passions, I don't wanna bore you and I'm late from my art class, so that's all for now.
Until tomorrow!