I've fallen in love with Jaymes Young years ago now and his songs never disappointed me so far. The emotion in them, the pain, the love, the melody that wraps everything so darn perfectly up is what keeps me going through sad times, lonely evenings, or long car rides. Sharing my love here while also just low key making notes of my most beloved phrases...


"Even though you broke my bones your soul is where I made my home."
"And it's hard looking back knowing what I could have done."
"I don't wanna hear a damn sentence out of your mouth."

I'll Be Good

"I thought I saw the devil this morning looking in the mirror."
"I'll be good for all the times that I never could."


"Lookin' at you like a star from a place the world forgot."
"I've buried my love to give the world to you."
"I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice to bury my love."

Tied Down

"So please could I be selfish with your body? 'Cause I don't think I could share you with nobody."
"When I have you I'm gonna brand you with my lips and all of the world will know that you're mine now."
"Give me the scars to remind me just how good you are."

Habits of My Heart

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Speaks for itself.

Feel Something

"So love me now or let me go."
"I'm too young to feel so numb."
"So if you're gonna stay, then stay but if you're gonna go make sure that you hurt me just enough to make me feel something."

Don't You Know

"So put your lips on my scars and teach me to love."
"Nobody should be alone, please let me take you home tonight."
"Take a look at these mountains I'm moving for you. I'm gonna light the dynamite, I'm gonna break through."
"I'm a damn good lover, shivers up your spine."


"You're the only one who knows my demons."

Black Magic

"Your taste is all I need."
"The moment I get you in my veins I'm taking over the world."
"You make it feel so damn good to be bad."
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Stoned on You

"I'll take a bullet for you right now."
"My fingertips on your lips, my racing hands down your hips."


"I'm a mad man for your touch."
"I love you for infinity."
"I'll do anything to be your love, or be your sacrifice."
"Oh darling, my soul you know it aches for your's."