Hiii everyone,
I thought I could write a new article and since it's fall I'm writing about things to do in fall.

1. reading
Get yourself a good book which you think you are going to enjoy and read it with a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever you like :) )

book, harry potter, and fall image
Who doesn't love Harry Potter?!

2. go for a walk
Who doesn't enjoy going for a long walk in fall. All these beautiful and colorful leaves. If it's a little bit stormy outside take a scarf with you (thank me later)

autumn, fall, and leaves image
forests are a good place for a walk

3. pumpking patch
If you have a chance to get to a pumpkin patch go for it. It is pretty aesthetic and if you've found the perfect one take it home with you.

fall, Halloween, and hay image
pretty aesthetic right?

4. tea
Drinking tea is one of my favorite fall activities. You can try so many flavors like cinnamon, blood orange,...

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

5. oversized sweaters
Is there anything better than wearing oversized sweaters? I don't think so. I would recommend to combine a skinny jeans to your sweater.

fashion, style, and outfit image

thanks for reading
X Carmen