Travelling is amazing. You get to know new people, new cultures and you have such a great time! It makes you more open minded and it makes you feel good. I'd say my biggest dream is to travel the world and I believe I will! If it is also your dream check these beautiful places and come travel with me! European edition!

1. Norway

snow, mountains, and norway image epic, mountains, and ocean image city and travel image norway image
such breath taking views! I am so grateful that I'm going to visit this country in 2018! Can't wait!

2. Italy

rome, travel, and italy image venice, travel, and italy image italy and travel image city, enjoy, and fade image
Beautiful culture, history, food, language... I'm currently learning italian to practice for when I'll visit Italy.

3. Poland

travel, city, and architecture image Poland and warsaw image architecture, beautiful, and europe image city, europe, and Krakow image
A very interesting and beautiful place I can't wait to go to.

4. Ireland

city, ireland, and travel image beautiful, blogger, and cliffs image dublin image adventure, ancient, and autumn image
It looks like a magical and peaceful place and I like magical and peaceful places.

5. Luxembourg

cathedral, luxembourg, and luxemburg image beautiful, luxembourg, and travel image flowers, luxembourg, and pink image beautiful, luxembourg, and photography image
It is simultaneously a small and a big country. Small in size but big in nice places to visit.

These are five of the european countries I'd like to visit but trust me I got so much more! Can't wait to travel the world and live all the adventures that await me! And you can too!

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found some inspiration on countries to visit next in Europe!

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)