When you listen the word Lonelyness what do you think ? Perhaps a man sitting alone in his home , his school or generaly wherever there are many people, always will exist a man who will be alone because he may be different of religion or of origin. But now we will talk about loneliness and not about difference . So loneliness can be translated into other forms .
For example a man may have many friends but inside of him he feels alone .....Now i imagine that some of you will ask how can somebody who is surrounded by people to feel alone... Very simple....... because they don't actually love you...Everyone or at least the most of us, have been in such a situation and locked in themselves and did not talk about it with anyone....And they are thiniking of if there is something wrong with them , or with the people.I know this feeling because i have lived it. I know a girl better than everyone else and I know what is she thinking about lonelyness because this girl is no other than my own self.
And never forget that they live between us... and we must FOUND them and HELP them ........

(if there is someone who read this arcticle please liked it to find out if there is someone who felt the same things with me)