Hello hearters
today's task is to write about something I find intersting.
I decided to write about bullet journals. The last few years bullet journals became more and more populare. I love to do a bullet journal because I can be so creative as I want.

In this article I will explain you what it is and will give you some ideas to fill it.

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The bullet journal is an easy systme to organize your appointments, your tasks, to-do lists ect. It can be your notebook, sketchbook, diary . You have everything in one book and you can design it how do you like it.

You only need an empty notebook and a pen. However you can use washi-tape, pictures, quotes, colourful pens whatever you want.

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1. If you start a bullet journal you will do an index at first.

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2. future log

The future log is an overview of all month and you can write down an event in august although it's still march.

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3. monthly log

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4. weekly log

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You can also write many other things in it, for example: your favorite songs, books to read, series to watch, birthdays, wishlist, bucketlists or pictures.

Here are some inspirations.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. Do you own an bullet journal? Tell me!