Hi guys :)
I finally have the time to write my first article and I am really happy that the WHI team made that amazing feature in the site. I am hoping soon will be available in the WHI app. :) I personally think that it is an amazing way to connect with you guys and you to connect with me. So my first article will be for that - connecting with my current and future followers.
I discovered WHI 4 years ago in 2013. First I started with only re-hearted other people pictures and photos. In time I start opening the site more often and more often. Until I know I have started uploading my own pictures, and later sharing my own photos. Photos from my adventures, from my trips, from my days. It became a day-to-day basis. I wanted to share more and more with my followers. I really did not think that I will have more than 1000 followers. I know that for some people that is not much. But for me, 'cause I started this with no serious intentions, it is really a pleasure when I see that I am followed by so much people. It really brings a smile on my face when I upload a photo and for like a 3--5 minutes it has been hearted by more than a 500 people, or re-hearted in their own channels and became part from their own collections.
Anyway, I started this more like a joke. I didn't think that I will like it that much, or that I will take a pictures only to post them here. I started to free my time so that I can post here. Then, I like this so much that I started a channel with my boyfriend in Pepo app (if you don't heard of it write my a PM and I will explain to you, or if there is interest about that can be my second article :) ). I connected my Instagram account so you guys can see the stories I share there from my day-to-day basis experiences and I also made a Pinterest account which is focused makeup, fashion, healthy lifestyle and also there is a special "Life's little instruction book".
So WHI pushed me to be more social, to make accounts in other apps so I can connect with you all. And in one point I discovered that this is kind of my passion. To share, to connect, to write, to take pictures, to have adventures to share with you. And when I do this stuff and you guys follow my account, hearted my pictures I feel really amazing. And to be in WHI for 4 years is only because you are here and you showed me your support of my channel.
So it kinda feel natural my first article to be for for You all. As a thank you for the support, for the interest, for all the hearts in these 4 years. I am happy to be part of the WHI and I hope that have many more years here.