I don't know a lot of things. At least not a lot of things the common mind would claim important or useful.
I know way too little about politics and way too much about art.
I don't care about our environment, or well, not enough to make make a change, but I care about stars, galaxies and outer space.
I'm also not sure about most things like the university I want to got to, the job I'd like to get or the person I want to be.
Because I don't like the thought of consistency, the thought of having to decide for consistency.
I don't like to have settled opinions on most things and most people, even though strong opinions are something a big part of society values.
Isn't that weird? Considering we live in a world in which nothing is for certain except for the fact that everything is always changing.
In a world in which nothing lasts forever except temporality. I know that a lot of people are scared by the thought of change. Like, a new government, climate change, or death. Different names, describing the same thing that scares you; uncertainty.
And see, even though the only thing we truly know is that we cannot know anything for certain, this knowledge is what scares us most.