Hello wild kids ☀
I decided to join this challenge because I love writing and I haven't done it for a long time. So, this is a good chance to begin again.

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!

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My name is Eleonora and I'm 19. I come from Italy, but I feel like I'm just a citizen of the world. I'm used to travel as much as I can.

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Actually, I'm living in Budapest, doing an internship.
I visited many cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Edimburgh, Paris, London, Rome.. but my heart belongs entirely to New York City.
I've been there 2 times, but I wish to build my life in the most magical city of the world, in the future. I can't stop thinking about this dream.

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I love going to the gym, running and most of all doing yoga. It makes me feel so much better and it's the medecine for whatever shit going through my mind.

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My head is full of dreams and I've got a warm heart: I love to make people smile and I believe in motivation, so I'd like to make every person in the world aware of his/her own worth.

The most important things of my life are not things. My best friends, my family.. everything I consider as HOME.

My days are made by music. It always change my mood and I think I literally couldn't live without it. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift.. her voice makes the stars come out and her words perfectly fit with my feels.

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I'm also in love with soccer, and it might seem weird for a girl, but I don't care at all. I support A.C. Milan and Real Madrid. The passion inside this world is so strong and it makes me feel part of something big and beautiful. Not everyone could understand, but I can assure you that it's much more than a simple game.

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There would be a lot of things more to say, but it's becoming really too long. Sorry if I've bothered you and THANK YOU if you have red it until the end.

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With love,
Elenoire ✿

(credits to @eifos9, thank you)