Hello you, whoever you are... ✨

This is my very first article and i´m happy that we have this possibility now on WHI to express ourselves through writting, because that is something i really love. I´ll be a little bit more difficult to write everything in English but i´m still learning.

Here i just want to write down my current problems - for myself and for u. I know or just hope that i´m not alone with them and that this article can help u in some way.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

First you have to know about me that i have not many friends. And no real siblings (except my little baby-brother). What i want to tell u is: I´m mostly alone. And this is okay for me, because i´m accustomed to it. And as child i hated to go to the playground because i feared meeting new kids. And today i don´t like it when i have to work in groups for in school and prefer it to be alone in general.
But don´t imagine that i´m this girl who is e v e r y t i m e alone in school. I´m not sitting there on the floor eating the sandwich i made yesterday and listening to music. I´m the girl she would look at and think that she can be so lucky. I´m laughing and talking to my friends. And i have my best friend, who is made of gold.💖
But someway i´m alone too. When i´m coming from school i´m not going out with my friends as often as most people do. And i have not many people to go out with - just my best friend. You can say that i have less social contact than an ordinary teenager.

A reason for this are , among other, my hobbies. I like reading, drawing and stuff like this, stuff where i´m alone. And as i said, it´s okay for me.

Or it was okay for me.

Some time ago i recognized that this is not good for me. I´m alone too often. When i´m hiding inside my house everytime i´ll get crazy someday, because when i´m alone i´m thinking very much about myself and the whole world. And at some point it´s so boring that i´m getting really sad. I can´t sit there any longer on my own watching other peoples´snap stories where they show pics from the party last night.

Some years ago i also had other hobbies, other hobbies with other people. And as a cosequence i had also more friends. But i had to give up everything because of school, i just hadn´t enough time. And i lost many of my social contacts because of that.

I don´t really know what to do. I can´t meet many people because i have not much friends. And it´s difficult for me to meet new people. But maybe i should try it...
I also have not enough time to start a new hobby.
And another problem is, that i don´t know what i can do with the friends i have now. The most time we´re just going in the city, but this seems kind of boring to me. To get new ideas what i can do with my friends i opened up my the collection " I W A N T T O D O " where you can find pictures that shows activities i want to do. I really hope that it helps me to get new ideas. Sorry for this advertisement, i know that this can be really annoying but maybe this collection can help you too.

I have no real solution for my problem and i hope this situation will get better soon, time will show..
Maybe someone have read this who is in the same situation, i really really hope that i could help this someone even when i don´t know what to do. I have the same problem and whoever this reads is not alone with it.
It´s easy for me to say, but just try to look for a hobby where you can meet new people and try to be more open when you´re a shy person like i am. When you´ve learnt this it´ll be easier for you in your whole lifetime, i think.

Have a wounderful time ❀,
xoxo alina ♥