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Today i'm going to write about movies that Inspire and will have an Impact on you after you watched it. These are just a few of them, but these are my most favourite movies in lots of ways and i'm going to ramble about my personal opinions and stuff as alway but one thing i'm not going to give away the whole plot because as i've said it in my other little articles about movies before: i don't think it's my task, i will always advise you to check out what movies i'm writing about, watch them then come back to read the post to see if you had the same experiences as i had, and if not, maybe after reading the article you will feel the same way, and see why i recommended to watch them. So as usual, without any further rambles let's get into the movies.

Bridge to Terabithia

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Well, i think it's safe to say that it was the first movie that i rember that i cried on when i was a kid. I remember it was late at night and i was with my parents in their room and this movie started to play randomly, we didn't know what it's about but we decided it's going to be good to sleep on. They fell asleep right after 10 minutes it started and i went to the living room to watch the rest of it, and as i said, it was the first time i cried on a movie. It's equally happy, sad, beautiful, bittersweet.
This was also the movie in which i first saw Zoe Deschanel and Josh Hutcherson act and i fell in love with both of them, they are really talented and their on-screen appearance is just so lovely, and natural.
So as i said, short plot: New girl in town whose imagination is like no one else's she's really mature and wise compared to her age, talented outcast boy, with hard family background, school, a beautiful forest with a stream, in which the only limit is your imagination.
It's such a beautiful story about a little girl and boy becoming friends and dealing with real life whilst getting away from reallity and problems in a way only kids can. Imagination. Playing in the forest. When we grow up we forget about how important it is to keep our imagination 'cause it can be helpful and one good way of coping with hard things in this big, evil world. That's one thing i loved about being a kid, it's something that i'm happy that i could experience and with still having it, yeah i'm a big five year old, but you know what, i love it, yes there are drawback of it which are not always pleasant but i wouldn't change a thing about it.
So if there's one thing you should keep in mind when life hits hard on you and you want to get away, as Leslie said „Just close your eyes but keep your mind wide open."
And it's funny how much of an impact a character can have on you, both kid's character is amazing and whether adults accept it or not, sometimes kids can be wiser with their pure, neat childhearts, that you can learn more from them when it comes to feeling than anyone else.

Step up 2

couple moose

I think there is a really few people on earth who hasn’t seen at least one of the step up movies.
Yeah, we all know it’s basically the dancing version of Fast and Furious with all the ”family is everything” thing in it, but in a good way. They are both great bunch of movies.
To be honest i love everything about the step up movies. But my favourite one has to be the second, ’cause you know, as usual, my little defective self watched this one first and like 3 years after it was playing in the cinema. And i wasted 3 years of my life not seeing it. What i really love about it, that it shows, that if you’re really good at something, and you’re passionate about it, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your background is, what kind of clothes you wear, only your pure talent that matters. The culture that they show in it, had such an impact on me, after seeing it, i really got into this street style culture, i wanted to dress similar, i started to draw graffities, and listening to rappers and r&b. Yeah , i got stuck in the blackhole of step up movies and i bet you did too but then came high school and rock and roll stole my heart, but until these days i still have the impact of those movies in me, because they all are amazing, the level of art they show in it is inimitable. The visuals, the sound; and I’m really proud of the actors as well, okay, there are some of them who were already really talented dancers, but man, they worked really hard to reach this level of greatness. And the dancers, all my respect is to them. It’s definitely the movie, after which you will search up dance classes in your hometown. Usually in these movies street kids meet the bourgeois, upper class kids, and they get together to mix street dance with balett or any kind of ballroom dance. We know lots of other amazing movies with the same scenario in them, but Step up isn’t just a simple movie, it’s a feeling, a lifestyle.
Each character can inspire us. Andie is so passionate about everything she does, and I love the way she takes pleasure in it. Chase is charmingly ambitous, and I could enumerate all the others as well, but I would like to highlight one of the best and best acted out character in the movie history. Moose. Adam Sevani is brilliant. He is the most badass geek I’ve ever seen on the television screen. He is the one that gives all the movies that little extra, that charming humour and also that mindblowing dance talent that he has.
And I haven’t talked about the music before. My god, excellent choice in all of the movies. I may make a playlist from my favorite songs from the Step up movies, we will see.
So I decided not to say a word about the plot, go check it out yourself, and remember one thing, that you can hear in the opening scene, and think about it, ‘cause I just found out this year myself that it’s one of the truest things that was ever said: „Life is too short to be anybody else.”


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Well, I was really international with this one. I mean when i watched it for the second time online and when i watched the second one. ‘Cause basically I’m hungarian, but I speak English and a little bit of a German as well, but not that much because the four years I spent studying it in high school as a third language, me and the others as well, so we, were basically coloring the workbook the whole year ‘cause it was just more interesting.lol. Yeah, you guessed it right, I’m not really keen on that language. But, I felt really funny, ‘cause when I watched this movie there wasn’t an english version of it yet, so I watched it in it’s beautiful original language with english subtitle whilst i was translating it in my mind into hungarian.
So I have to tell you, it was an interesting experience but I liked it. FIrstly I watched it at my grandma’s, when it randomly came on the tv, just like the bridge to terabithia, and I realised that good movies come in your way when you wouldn’t expect it. It really made my day, ‘cause I remember being in a really bad mood. Alright, let’s move on from mylittle cv, rambling about sh*t that may not interest you.
I have to tell you that I never liked horses. Even when I was a little girl, I hated all those my little pony stuff, but this movie is excellent. It really shows the connection that can develop between a human and an animal. And basically you can see that if something not interests you it is condemned to death, but when something you do makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat, you will work your butt off to succeed in that thing and you will know that you finally found yourself. Great plot, great actors, beautiful scenery, nice soundtrack and amazing camera work. Oh, and ostwind 2 is a great movie as well, you can also check that one out.
So basically this movie shows that how a young girl finds her passion, and as I’ve already said it beautifully shows the bond between animals and people, how much animals can trust you and how can they fight for each other 'cause we all know sometimes they are better companion than humans. So if you need something to lift your mood up, and inspire you i can only recommend this one.

Me, earl, and the dying girl

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Well, movies in which the storyline connects to an incurable disease are always a big risk to make because it's really hard to stay in the line in which you don't show and don't tell too much, but also say and show true things about it, and that's the hard thing, to show it in a way that you can really feel what it's like to be in that persons skin, who was sat down and got told in the eyes that sorry, but we can't do anything in your case.
This film is brought to you by the same studio that made 500 days of summer, so if you liked the visuals, the scenery and the whole cinematic mood of the film, i can only guarantee that you'll enjoy this one too, altough the topic is different both films are amazing, but this one is just perfect. I don't know what's your opinion about the fault in our stars, but i ate up the whole hype, saw the movie, got the book, and let me tell you, i hated it. It's only my opinion, but i think it could have been so much better but i got it, it wasn't written for my age, if i was a 12 or 14 year old girl, i think i would have been in love with it, but with the mindset of an 18 year old, i think he could have written something great but he chose to screw it up. But that's just my personal thought. Okay, moving on from me tearing that film apart. And back to talking about this one.
So what i was trying to say that this movie talks about an incurable illness as it has to be talking about. There isn't any cliche in it, it only shows the truth, it shows how can a beautiful, slandered soul, with a mind full of wonderful things suffer through this illness and slowly losing her incredible strength then her life by this terrible disease. But this story is not only about Rachel, it's about a lost guy called Greg. He is that: i can't fit in, i only have one friend who understand me and i try to silently get through high school and i'm talented but i don't know what to do with my life person. Yeah, we've all been there i think. And then boy and girl, who were back then friends, meet again, by Gregs parents who force him to spend time with her, then slowly spending time with her becomes the thing that will push Greg into the right direcion. Rachel is a real inspiration, and Greg as well, oh, and we can't forget about Earl neither, who is just the perfect you know, sidekick, "coworker", as Greg said it in the movie, so, his character is really needed in the movie, the one friend who will always tell you in your face that man, you screwed this up, go make it work, or i'mma kick you in the ass.
So this movie will break your heart then build it back up, and will make you think about, well..about everything. And for me, i feel movies like this always come to me at the right time, it has been always like that, it's like you can sense it with your subconscious that you need it in that life situation that you're in, in that moment. So i watched it in the evening after we got our graduation certificate in high school. And i felt like it was so unfinished, i felt empty. Like we were waiting that summer whether we got into university or not, 'cause we already sent in our application, but i felt so empty, and this film was just what i needed that night.
And i've said this a couple of times already, but the ending of this movie, god, the best ending in moviehistory. You can screw a film up in a lot of ways, and i was watching it like okay, okay, it's good don't mess this masterpiece up, and they didn't. It's perfect in every ways.

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If i had to sum it up in one sentence i would say, it's REAL. That's it, now go watch it if you haven't already and let it change your view over life.

Tiger eyes

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Alright, i wanted to write so many times about this movie, but i didn't manage to get it in any post, but now i'm gonna do it.
Once again, it came in the right time for me, basically the whole movie is really bittersweet and it's not a light friday night one, but it's worth watching. It's about overcoming the loss of a loved one, and how differently we can react and slowly get over it. I don't wanna spoil the movie, so i'm not gonna say much about it. Let it speak to you instead of me. In this one it's not the storyline that is so important but the feelings, emotions it shows. So once again, it's a really painful but good for the soul.

Bandslam / High school rock

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Alright everyone, we have come to my ultimate favorite, Bandslam. You can tell from my previous posts that i'm really into this movie, but it's just like the musical version of Me, earl and the dying girl, the whole movie is top notch. I've seen it throughout the years maybe like for the umpteenth times. It's not really surprising the little music junkie i am, that i love this one so much, and basically step up made me to listen to rap and r&b and this movie was the one that started to build up my love for indie rock. And ever since i'm still in my little rocker phase, of course i listen to other music as well, but that's the base. But back to the movie.
It's amazing, from the title and the cast i first thought oh, god, another high school musical, i don't need that thanks, but when i watched it i was amazed. It's nothing like that. I think the key of this movie is the combination of the well written characters and the amazing actors, and yeah, the storyline, so basically what you need for a good film. Oh, and let's not forget about the soundtrack neither, 'cause the original songs from the movie and the ones you can hear in it are both brilliant. The whole movie is about being deviant and not fitting in but finding a way, and people and form a band in which you will finally fit in. 'Cause we are different in lots of ways, but there's always something that brings people together, and it's their passion. And just like in the other movies i'm in love with the scenery and the whole visual mood of the movie, it's excellent. I think the journey of Will Burton and his mates will defo have an impact on you. So if you're lost, time really is the only thing you need, 'cause doors are closing, and new ones open up, maybe not immidiately but they will open up sooner or later, and you'll find yourself in every way.
And for closure, my favorite songs from the whole movie, Phil's song, it's sang by Aly Michalka and its' lyrics if just everything, so as the sound. Amazing, so ladies and gents, be gentle whilst watching this one 'cause it really is my ultimate favorite, it has a special place in the heart of mine.

The bookthief

book book boy book

If you know the book, The perks of being i wallflower, i can compare this movie with that book. Because there's such a twist in it witch the narrator voice and i only came to the realization at the end and i think that you wouldn't imagine what it is and i love that. Since i was little, i was always into the stories about the world wars. It's so terrifying but interesting at the same time. And this story is played during the second world war, i don't think i have to talk about it, everyone learned history in school, as i said it's equally horrible and marvelous what one person can do against another.
I read a couple of books in this topic, and i have to say to me it's better than the diary of anne frank, i know it's not nice to say, because that's a real person's diary and not az imaginary book, but i've heard lots of things about it and i didn't imagine it the way it is. So this movie is one of my favorite war time movies. It's amazing how can a movie bring you to a place you've never been before, the whole scenery is amazingly built up it's really contemporary, and the visuals, excellet job. It's a beautiful story about a young girl, and there are no words for it, maybe one that describes it well: enchanting. Go and watch it, it will without a doubt enchant you and remember what she said:
When life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back.

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