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Today's article is about my favorite series of all time and I'm so happy that you can learn more of me.

So, here my favorite series:

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
That is my all time favorite series. It's my top of the list from the series that I like. I have been watching this series the last 3-4 years again and again and I will continue to watch it because I never get bored of this. Love all the characters Rachel,Monica,Phoebe,Joey,Chandler and Ross.

chandler couple monica kitchen Courteney Cox chandler funny black and white Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review Superthumb chandler bing
I know it's many photos but it's my favorite I can't get out of this. LOVE THIS SHOW.
This is my collection If you wanna check it.

2.Gossip Girl.
In love with this series, it's just amazing. Serena,Dan,Chuck,Blair and Nate. Love this guys. There is so drama and I like that. I like the relathionship Serena's and Blair, the love about Serena and Dan and Blair and Chuck.

blair blair best friends blair waldorf blake lively bass

3.Teen Wolf.
I'm very sad that this series it's over because it's was so, I don't have words to describe it but I like it so much. Love Scott and Stiles.

scott gif derek teen wolf gif gif
If you wanna check my collection of Teen Wolf.

4.Gilmore Girls.
There's so much to say about this show because it has everything inside and I love that. Lorelai and Rori the perfect mother and daughter relathionship.

gilmore girls Superthumb Superthumb gilmore girls

A lot of sing and how different people can be together even If they don't like each other at first. Love this.

glee glee glee glee finn
My favorite couple.

That's it for this article I hope you like it and if you wanna check my last article:


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