You want to know how to make those cute hairstyles?
I want to help you, explain it to you and give you some inspiration.

For those who can't braid here is a short description: you take three sections ( left:3 , middle: 2, right: 1) Important is that you always hold these three sections. First you take 1 over 2 and then 3 over 1. There you have your first part of the braid. Then you repeat it : 2 over 3 and 1 over 2.
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Ok first one is a easy one: After you washed your hair you can easily just braid your hair in two sections. But only when your hair is nearly dry! Then the next morning when you wake up you can just open (up) your braids. Now you have so cute waves in your hair. The next thing to do is just take a small section of your hair on the top of your head and twist it. The twisted section have to be twisted again to a small bun. Now use some boby pins and you are Ready!
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This hairstyle are just two braids which are braided in the opposite way. First you have to part your hair in the middle so you have to sections of your hair. Then you can begin with one side: braid it near and really tight the head. Now you have two options: The first is if you have long hair you can braid it till the end. The second is if you have short hair or don't want to braid it so long, you can stop like you see it on the picture when your hair ends.
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This are the braids for long hair.
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This is is called a fishbone braid. You have to take 2 sections on both sides of your head and twist it. Then you begin to fishbone braid those: you have always two sections and you take from every side one small section and lay it to the other side. So you cross your hair and this have to be repeated until you think the braid is long enough so you can take a elastic band.
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This is a fishbone braid too. But here is the whole hair braided. So you part your Hair in the middle into two sections and fishbone braid them. ( If you don't know how: look under the picture above) When you have braided them, you pull a bit on your hair so it looks a bit loose and cute.
hair, hairstyle, and braid image
That's a easy one too. You take a small section of your hair on one side and braid it. But you have to braid it near the head. Then you make with all the hair a messy bun. Too cute!
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So the last one: You take two sections from both sides and begin to braid it at the back. When your braid is long enough you take a elastic band. The last step is to take the braid and twist it with your hair on the head.

Some more Inspiration:

Everything needs a bit of trying and learning, so don't just give up if it doesn't work the first time. I hope you like it!

Lots of Love