Hi hearters,
With today’s #WhiChallenge, I need to describe a current day in my life. I chose to do a regular day, in which I need to go to school, and practice horseback riding in the evening. Have fun reading :)

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I put off my alarm at 06:30. I do an attempt to reach my phone, which fails; my phone is too far away, just like every morning. I get out of my bed, take my phone, and get back in bed again. I send my friends a goodmorning snapchat, take a look at We heart It, and finally get out of my bed. I put on my skinny jeans from Only and a red sweater, and then go to the bathroom. I clean my teeth and face, put some perfume on, brush my hair, and put it in a ponytail, which I literally always do :p

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I get back to my room and take my laptop. I write an article, since I participate in the challenge of @TypicalGirl48. After I have published my article, I do some homework or study something for school until half past 7.

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At exactly this time, I go downstairs with packed bag. I let Suus uit, and heat some water. I take two pieces of bread out of the freezer, and drink some tea in the main time. I take the chocolate muesli and yogurt, which is my breakfast. I put some Nutella on my bread, and take a piece of fruit.

I take my backpack and cycle to school. After 20 minutes of cycling, I put my jacket in my locker and go to the classroom. I follow two lessons and have a small break at 09:55, in which I eat some fruit. After the small break, I follow two lessons again.

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I have the big break now, which is until half past one. I have lunch with my friends, and after we’re all finished, we either go to the music room or to a study hall. I like to play piano during the break or do some homework. After the break is over, I follow four more lessons.

I’m off now, and cycle back towards home. I do some homework and let my dog out. At 5 pm I change clothes and have dinner, which is in this case just bread with Nutella again! I walk to my mom’s work, and from there, we drive towards the stable.

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We arrived, and I saddle Omo up. I ride for one hour, and then saddle him off again. We get back home, after driving for 45 minutes. I watch some tv, and around half past ten, I clean my teeth, put on my pajamas and go to bed.

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