Looking out of her window,
Her face lights up in joy,
As she sees the night lights touch the horizon,
And an overwhelming thrill to join the other boys.

Looking out of the window,
She crosses her fingers in hope.
Asking, "Mama, can I go?"
Only to be disappointed by a straight-forward "Nope."

"But why!" she asks in despair,
In hope of seeing the lights and dancing in the air.
"The men are out there." was all Mama said,
As she drew the curtains, heart willed with dread.

She asked her baby to sit down, and slowly started to explain.
But who would a headstrong girl listen to? It was all in vain.
She refused to believe that she should have fear.
And the boys? Hah! They wouldn't dare to come near.

She sneaks out, in the dead of the night,
Her flames of wildness burning within,
Glancing at the outside world,
Fear grips her heart, but her ground isn't shaken.

At the crack of dawn, she returns, knocking on the door.
It opens quick, as if someone waited on the other side of the shore.
Seeing her blood-stained clothes, regret fills and wishes were made to turn back time.
She slowly shakes her head, "Mama, your eyes are fooling you and the blood which you see isn't mine."

Puzzled, Mama asks in worry,
"Not a bruise on your body. Is nothing lost?"
She smiles, looking out of the window and said,
"No. There's no need to be afraid now Mama. I've shown them who's boss."