His name is still unknown to me. A whole week of awkward stares and running into each other occurred on the daily. I still think he's not meant to be mine.

He has a small smile every time She talks to him and something inside of me ignites. She's very beautiful and kind and I know that I cannot compare to her beauty.

But every morning when I sit there on the bench waiting for the bus to come, he sits next to me and all I can do is stare straight ahead. My palms sweat and I suddenly forget how to breath.

Two days ago he smiled at me in the hallway, it was in slow motion just like it is in the movies and in that moment I knew I would never be capable of shaking this boy out of my mind. I stared at him in shock that he was brave enough to smile at the girl who had spent most of her life hidden in the shadows.

He was smart by the papers I helped grade in math class, his writing was a bit messy, my hands shaking when I received it from him. Funny enough, he forgot to write his name on his paper. And so I named him No Name.

To be continued....