They talked into the early morning hours about anything and everything that they hadn’t gotten the chance to share while they were apart.

“Go get me breakfast,” Rae whined to him when she heard the bell chiming in the distance.

“I’m just as tired as you are,” Everett pointed out, but Rae was having none of it.

“Puh-leeeease?” she begged, giving him tired kisses to try and persuade him.

“All right, all right, fine. I’ll be back with one of everything.”

Rae beamed as he got up to go fetch the food. “Oh I love you,” she said casually, but then froze when she realized what she had said.

“What was that?” he asked, his voice cracking slightly as he turned around to see Rae’s look of utter mortification.

→ ←

Everett flared tie dye, and the next thing he knew he was in the front of the food line for the Mess Hall. There were a few muted “Hey, that’s not fair” objections from people behind, so Everett, the kind guy he was, moved to the back of the line.

As he was grabbing food for Rae, he thought back to all their time together: those first few days with all the injuries, the following weeks with all the carrying her around, and all the moments when they would just sit in his cabin talking, laughing, and well… the kisses were an added bonus. But that one uncertain question floated in his mind, do I love her? He sighed to himself as he began to walk out of the Mess Hall, when two someones caught his attention. Avery and Austin were locking lips at their table, but by the looks of things Avery was clearly the one who initiated, or wanted it more. Though, Austin seemed content as well.

Everett smiled a little when Avery, who was facing towards him, pulled away and waved him over. He laughed a small bit when Austin turned around with an annoyed look on his face that only faded when he realized it was Everett.

“Hey,” Avery greeted. “How’s my sister?”

At the mention of Rae, Everett hesitated. “Uh, she’s good,” he managed to say, even though the smile on his face was genuine. “Just really hungry, and really tired. She didn’t really get much sleep last night.”

“Well neither did we,” Austin said, resulting in a smirk from Avery.

“Oh really?” she challenged. “I seem to remember knocking on the Apollo boys’ door, Benjamin answered me, and you wouldn’t get up until Ian shined a light in your eyes.” After her statement, the two started bickering playfully, and Everett took that as his cue to head out.

→ ←

When Everett returned he was flickering orange, obviously trying to control his anxiousness. Sitting down next to her with bags of food, he transitioned to his calm periwinkle.

“Wow. You really did get one of everything,” Rae mentioned in an attempt to break the ice. She needed to get a reign on her thoughts. Maybe he only teleported because something different had popped into his head and he actually hadn’t heard her. She could avoid this uncomfortable situation and just move on… At least until they were ready to discuss that topic.

Mercifully, he replied normally with only his usual dose of awkwardness. “I live to serve you, my Queen,” he said with a sarcastic sigh.

Slowly her smile began to grow. “I like the sound of that.”

“Gods help me,” he muttered.

They ate and hung out like they would for any other weekend routine for most of the day. Slowly Rae fell back into her normal habits for banter and forgot about the incident altogether.

At dinner, Professor Tobias interrupted her meal to tell her she was expected to make up the test she had missed last week over the weekend. Meaning tomorrow morning. Meaning she had only the evening left to study after going a whole night and day without sleep.

Her mouth hung open at his words, too stunned to argue.

“I’m sure you don’t need to study that much since you were already preparing for it before you left.” And didn’t the old geezer smirk at her. As an added thought, he said over his shoulder, “Oh, and don’t bother getting answers from anyone. I changed the test for you.”

As he walked away, Rae started to fume. “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” she muttered under breath in fake appreciation.

Everett patted her arm. “Hey, it’s gonna be fine. We can go the library and I’ll stay up to help you study as long as it takes.

“Can’t we go to your cabin?” she asked.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea,” he said nervously. “It’s just that I tend to get distracted in secluded places with you and…” His cheeks started to redden. “Well, I know you need to really study hard and I want to help so…”

Rae smiled at how uncomfortable she made him feel still. “All right. Fine. Library it is.”

→ ←

For quite a few hours, Everett was just barely managing to keep Rae awake to study. His method started with giving her quick kisses for every question she got right, but that quickly turned to a kiss being a reward to keep her from dozing off, considering she wasn’t getting any answers right either. At about four in the morning, Everett decided to let her stay asleep, and he carried her back to her room.

After a slow breakfast of belgian waffles, which Rae made sure to savor, as Professor Tobias had informed her that her test was scheduled immediately after she finished breakfast, Everett was sitting outside the Greek building, waiting for Rae to finish. About twenty minutes after he walked Rae to the classroom door, he heard her.

“Hey Everett, I don’t know if you’re hearing this right now, but I kinda sorta really need your help,” she whispered through her thoughts.

“I can hear you Rae,” he sent back, but then added an afterthought. “And Rae, you don’t need to whisper, you’re talking in your mind.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, and Everett could hear the happiness in her thoughts.

“So what’s the problem?”

“Um I don’t know the answers to any of these,” she thought nervously.

“Rae, I bet you know all of these, you just don’t think you know them.”

“That doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“It makes perfect sense,” he thought with a smile on his face. “The only reason you don’t know the answers is because you don’t think you’re smart enough to know them. Now take a deep breath…” he paused.


“Now look at them again, what’s the question?”

→ ←

She fell into a rhythm and answered nearly all the questions. It was on the last page that she started to waver. As her eyelids began to droop from lack of sleep, the questions started to blur together on the page. Oh, gods, she thought. I’m dyslexic in both languages!

“No you’re not,” Everett said in her mind. “Just focus and try not to fall asleep.”

“It’s impossible not to!”

“I’m just as tired as you are, Rae, and I’ve stayed awake this whole time.”

There was a pause when she didn’t answer.

“Rae, please tell me you didn’t fall asleep.”

More silence.


“What? What? I was just… thinking.”

She rubbed at her eyes and tried to focus on the words she could recognize on the page. She finished as many questions on the last page as she could to the best of her ability and was about to give up and hand in her test when her head hit the desk.

“What are you doing?” Everett asked. “You can’t sleep there.”

But Rae didn’t hear anything else he said for she had fallen asleep from over exertion.

→ ←

“Wow,” Everett muttered to himself as he stood up and ran to the classroom door. He was about to burst in, when the thought came to him. Professor Tobias will probably ask how he knew she fell asleep. He was thinking of an excuse, but none came, and he was fairly certain he lacked the necessary traits to pull off an excuse anyway.

Everett peeked through the little window at the top of the door. Professor Tobias was sitting at his desk reading, completely unaware of Rae drooling from her seat. Only one solution came to his mind, and while it was pretty out there it seemed the only plausible way to do things. Everett focused on Professor Tobias’s mind, trying to burrow his way into his thoughts.

“James tipped his hat to the lady on the white horse as she rode by. He felt quite joyful that day…” Everett heard the Professor read to himself. After a few minutes of listening to the story, as this James Pritchard did sound pretty interesting, Everett remembered what he meant to do.

Using the amazing powers of suggestion, he placed the thought in Professor Tobias’s head to look up and check on Rae. Everett knew that it probably wouldn’t help Rae’s relationship with the Professor, but she needed to be woken up soon so she could finish her test.

Professor Tobias blinked a few times before looking up over the top of his book to see Rae, face pressed against her desk, a soft breathing sound coming from her slightly parted lips. He sighed deeply, and Everett heard him think something along the lines of how he didn’t think she would last as long as she did. Professor Tobias stood up, his legs protesting, and walked over where Rae sat.

Acting quickly, Everett thought to put a small bit of compassion in the Professor’s mind, and watched happily as the Professor’s expression softened.

“Miss Bennet,” he said softly, as she groggily lifted her head from the desk. “How much of the test did you finish?”

“Most-” she said before yawning.

“Okay, I’ll just grade what you finished. You can go now,” he said as he returned to his book.

“Everett,” he heard Rae call through her thoughts.

Everett proceeded to knock on the door, before opening it anyway. He walked in and scooped Rae in his arms. As he was walking out the door though, he was inwardly surprised that the Professor had seemingly no reaction.

“Mister Pitch,” he heard the Professor say, but by the way it sounded, Everett knew it was in his thoughts. “Don’t think I didn’t know what you did there.”

And with that he teleported to his cabin.