I miss you, I found a new song and for some reason you came to mind. I feel as if I shouldn't have a right to miss you because I'm the one who pushed you away. We never got to do what we planned and I still have all the written notes I failed send. I usually don't miss the people I push away but here I am missing you when I should be asleep. I would call you but I know nothing about your life right now and I have no idea if you're on the phone or if you're doing homework, heck you might even be asleep. We have new friends and know nothing about each other. I feel empty at times and I can't help but think how only you would understand. Your birthday is coming up, I know because it's around this time and your 15's color was orange because of it. I thought of you as it hit 11:11, funny. Maybe one day we'll meet and we can start over but as of now, I wish you the best and I hope you're doing well