One of the coolest commemorative dates is coming up, the Halloween that happens on October 31, which is celebrated in different parts of the world in different ways, so I decided to make this publication with ideas on what to do in this Halloween, look:

Scary makeup

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On YouTube, you can find several amazing tutorials, taught to do a very scary Halloween makeup, the coolest and that has for all tastes, from, zombie, skull, Mexican skull, to clowns.


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After an incredible makeup you can not miss a beautiful fantasy, so go to a costume shop and buy one that suits you, or put your creativity into practice and create a cool fantasy.

Marathon with horror movies

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More if you and those who prefer to stay at home, but do not even let that date go blank, call your friends or your family and select the coolest and scary horror movies you have and do a marathon and do not forget the popcorn and of the refrigerant.


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Being you of those who like a party, then do one or go in one, but I think it's cool to do, then call your friends and start to prepare a party, with a very frightening decoration, with many foods and drinks (if you are from smaller, do not put alcohol in the party, but be you are of greater care, do not overdo it) and takes advantage to prega several scares in your guests during the party.


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Halloween is a great date for making jokes with your friends and family, so be creative and invent one, but being you is without creativity so go on the internet you can find several ideas, but be careful not to overdo it, okay ?!

Camp in the forest

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It may seem odd, but it would be very amazing to camp in a forest on Halloween night with your friends, armed tents, a campfire to warm up, machimello, and horror stories, look how cool, so if you had the opportunity to make a That night, do it, because I bet it would be really cool.

So, folks, these are the tips, I hope you have enjoyed it, if you do any of these things or something really cool on your Halloween, make a post talking about how your Halloween was. 🍁 🎃